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Rodney Golberg

General Manager

Prime Fine Catering

I am a passionate chef who has been creating an array of fine cuisine for the past 30 years. As a young culinary graduate it’s easy to indulge in decadent foods that are delicious but not the best for your body. My wife and best friend, Diane, realized early on that it was important for us to embrace a healthy style of eating. Eating healthy became a way of life for us, when you eat good you feel good, you wake up with energy and have a positive attitude throughout the day. This is where my passion lies now, preparing the most delicious meals that are healthy for you.

About one year ago, two colleagues, Henry Barone and Marc Giudice, chef owners of Prime Fine Catering, contacted me with a unique opportunity, create a Paleo lifestyle menu of prepared foods to be enjoyed but anyone, anywhere in the country. Foods that are prepared fresh every day, packaged and shipped for your enjoyment. As the General Manager of Prime Healthy Cuisine I am proud to be a part of this new venture and the story begins!