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Carol Duarte is Vascular Surgery Physician Assistant currently practicing at Stony Brook University Hospital. For the last four years, part of her practice has included educating patients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Vascular Disease is a condition that affects the circulatory system which consists of arteries and veins. A main focus is peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is narrowing of the arteries that can eventually lead to limb loss, stroke, kidney failure and heart failure. PAD is often caused by atherosclerosis that is secondary to fat and cholesterol build­up. A key component to prevention, treatment, and delaying the progression of disease is lifestyle modification with smoking cessation, eating a healthy diet and exercise.

When the paleo diet was first introduced to her while working the front counter at Prime Fine Catering, she was not only educated by the owners Marc and Henry but by the CrossFit trainers that came in daily. She realized that everything she has been trying to strive for her patients was in this diet. The main focus in a paleo diet is to avoid foods like sugar or carbohydrates that can potentially harm your health, but allowing you to enjoy a perfect balance of protein, fats and vegetables.

“By combining the knowledge of my profession and what I’ve learned with Prime I have changed my lifestyle and those around me, from my patients to family and friends. Prime cuisine offers different meals that will satisfy anyone and keep you on the right track to a clean diet that will make you feel good inside and out.”